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What is the SAIF ?

Created in 1999, the SAIF is the French copyright collecting society which represents and protects authors working in fields of visual arts as architecture, design, drawing, three dimensional creations, illustration, painting, photography and sculptures.

By joining the SAIF, the authors become shareholders of the company and can, therefore, participate to the general assembly, to the boards and to commissions. The company is ruled by a strict equivalence of one voice for each stock bought. The head of the SAIF is an executive board made up of authors and elected by the general assembly once a year.

What are its missions ?

The SAIF has three main missions :
-  collecting and distributing copyright royalties : the SAIF collects payments of authors’ rights and redistributes them to rights holders.
-  authorizing exploitations of its authors’ works by negotiate modalities of such authorizations and written individual or general contracts ;
-  representing and protecting visual artists intellectual property rights : the SAIF represents its authors’ interests before jurisdictions and administrations.

For the foreign exploitations of their works members, the SAIF are represented by affiliated companies in several countries (such as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Italy, United States…).

Which rights does the SAIF manage ?

The SAIF manages all the rights which authors are entitled :
-  all collective rights : public lending, private copy, reprographic rights,
-  the resale right,
-  reproduction rights : books, press, merchandising…
-  exhibition right,
-  multimedia, TV, Internet.

How to join the SAIF ?

To join the SAIF, authors have to complete two exemplars of the subscription form hosted on our website, here. They also will have to prove their professional status of author and have to buy a 15,24 euro stock, which has to be acquitted only once time while joining us.

How to obtain an authorization of exploitation ?

How to know whether you exploit one of the SAIF’s members’ work ?
The SAIF provides for a database of the authors who joined it : here.

Which are the necessary procedures to obtain an authorization ?
You have to give the SAIF the name of the authors and the list of theirs work(s) that you want to reproduce and/or represent and precise :
-  the type of reproduction and/or representation (book, press, exhibition, Internet, TV…),
-  the number(s) of reproduction and/representation you want to do,
-  the number(s) of territory(ies) where you want to exploit them,
-  the name and address of the user.

You can sent a letter or an email : see contact.

SAIF (Société des Auteurs des arts visuels et de l’Image Fixe) — Siège social 82, rue de la Victoire, 75009 Paris — Directeur de publication : Olivier Brillanceau — nous contacter
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